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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

    Tom Kloza

    As Global Head of Energy Analysis, Tom has covered downstream oil markets for over 40 years. A magna cum laude graduate of St. Francis University, Tom has a degree in English and has analyzed crude oil, refined products, and gas liquids for parts of four decades. He has also written commentary for Marketwatch and is a regular guest commentator for Bloomberg Financial Markets and NPR Marketplace. He provides unbiased and expert commentary for print and electronic media during times of oil volatility, and is regularly quoted in virtually every U.S. and international periodical.
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    Recent Posts

    Diesel, Gasoline, Crude oil

    Oil Prices in H2 2019: 6 Market Wild Cards to Watch

    Oil prices love to improvise.

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    Gasoline, Retail Market

    Retail Gasoline Profits Set Records in January 2019

    January can be a cruel month for gasoline retailers. It inevitably brings the lowest demand of the year but often higher

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    Gasoline, Rack Market, Retail Market

    Gasoline Retailers Find the Big Inning with Price Margins

    Baseball teams like the New York Yankees are often criticized because they depend on the “Big Inning” to juice up the win

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    Diesel, Gasoline, Jet fuel

    Gasoline, Diesel & Jet Refining: Geography Creates Winners & Losers

    “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times . . . “

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    Diesel, Gasoline, Crude oil, Spot Market

    Crude Oil Price Trend Analysis for 2019

    The year 2019 may set the stage for a transformative decade, with crude oil prices looking capricious and unstable. Here

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    Diesel, Gasoline, Retail Market

    Retail Gasoline & Diesel Prices See Difficult Spring Profit Margins

    Gas station operators, distributors and retailers were likely glad to see spring 2018 fade into the past.

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