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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

    Crude oil, Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

    Ida’s Impact Likely to Be Measured in Weeks

    Hurricane Ida, which made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on August 29th packing strong winds and heavy rain along

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    Mexico, Gas & Diesel

    As Gasoline Demand Wanes in the U.S., Mexico Provides a Long-Term Opportunity for U.S. Refiners

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    Spot Market, Retail Market, Gas & Diesel

    Beyond Mid-May Motor Fuel Madness: Will Gasoline Supply Scrambles Persist?

    The First Driver of the 2021 Motor Fuel Panic

    In mid-April, a special report by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

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    Spot Market, Biofuels, Gas & Diesel

    U.S. Regulatory Changes Alter Landscape for Summer Gasolines

    On Jan. 1, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fuels Regulatory Streamlining Rule went into effect, and while

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    Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

    OPIS Chicago Location-Specific Spot Pricing Options: More Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

    In 2020, OPIS launched Chicago location-specific refined spot pricing assessments for Buckeye Complex, Wolverine Pipeline

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    Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

    ANALYSIS: U.K., European Refinery Turnaround Activity Parting Ways in 2021

    Continental Europe’s largest oil refineries do not plan to undertake full-scale maintenance in 2021, while by contrast,

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