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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

ANALYSIS: U.K., European Refinery Turnaround Activity Parting Ways in 2021

Continental Europe’s largest oil refineries do not plan to undertake full-scale maintenance in 2021, while by contrast, the

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Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

Hard Brexit Would Shrivel Gasoline Flows Between UK and Europe

Time is ticking away to sign a Brexit deal, and the European gasoline market is bracing itself in case it has to reshuffle

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Spot Market, Retail Market, Gas & Diesel

Hurricane Laura Aftermath; Pandemic-inspired Demand Reductions

*Editor’s Note: Hurricane Sally is expected to make landfall late tonight or Wednesday along the Mississippi-Alabama coast.

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Gas & Diesel

Connected Cars: The Future is Now for Gasoline Retailers

Connected car technology increasingly helps consumers choose where and when to buy fuel. This may be key for fuel retailers

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Renewables, Gas & Diesel

What Is California’s Crude CI Deficit & How Does It Affect Fuel Prices?

California this year added a new layer of compliance costs under its Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program, forcing

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Convenience Stores, Gas & Diesel

Top Retail Fuel Station Brands Revealed

A new report on the top retail gasoline and diesel chains in the country showed surprising results. Here are some highlights.

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