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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

    Spot Market, Rack Market, Retail Market, Carbon, Gas & Diesel

    The California Gasoline Price Rally: What Happened, What’s Next

    March and April 2019 were challenging months for California gasoline prices, with retail prices cresting $4/gal. 


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    Renewables, Carbon, Ethanol

    2019 Ethanol Price and Carbon Credit Market Preview

    It was a tumultuous year in the renewable fuel and carbon credit markets. 

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    Spot Market, Carbon

    Carbon Credits: Paying the Pollution Price

    Did you know there was a carbon market, setting the price for a chunk of polluted air?

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    Spot Market, Carbon

    Cap and Trade History For Fuel Markets

    Leaders across the globe are racing to enact a greenhouse-gas reduction scheme that dates back to when the price of

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