A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

Petrochemical, Plastics

The Circuitous Route of the Global Styrene Chain

The world party of the styrenics chain of late has seen benzene traveling from Europe to the US and polystyrene traveling

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High Costs, Geopolitical Risks Impede Blue Carbon Removal Projects

Demand for voluntary blue carbon credits from companies seeking to fulfill net zero pledges surged in 2022, but geopolitical

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Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

Europe Diesel Differentials Soar as Strikes Shut Refineries, Stocks Collapse

Refinery outages and falling inventory levels in Europe have significantly tightened diesel supplies across the continent,

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5 Questions You Should Be Asking About the US Coal Market Right Now

With geopolitics, supply chain tensions, and economic red flags affecting the outlook for coal in North America this winter,

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Gas & Diesel, California

US West Coast/Gulf Coast Renewable Diesel Market Growth Accelerates

Renewable diesel (RD) shipping volume between the U.S. Gulf Coast and U.S. West Coast has quickly gained market spotlights

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Petrochemical, Plastics

The PVC Ride Slows Down as Pipe Inventories Build

Despite the desire to put the chaos and trauma caused by the Coronavirus pandemic of the past 3+ years behind us, its effect

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