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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

Gas & Diesel

Is Europe Beyond Peak Diesel Demand?

Diesel and gasoil consumption in the European Union and the U.K. stayed flat in 2022 despite the end of most

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Petrochemical, Plastics

Earth Month Special Report: Turning Plastic Trash Into a Commodity

Despite efforts to reduce plastic waste, the world’s rubbish pile continues to build. 

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Renewables, Carbon

Voluntary Carbon Markets Stakeholders Play Hot Potato With Market Risk

With the integrity of carbon offsetting under fire, buyers are looking to lock down the forward delivery of high-quality

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Mexico, Gas & Diesel

Mexico 101: Illegal Fuel Imports and Blends

Mexico in recent years has been battling illegal fuel imports and illicit blending of refined products, practices that pose

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Renewables, Biofuels

Interview: Third Generation Biofuels to Take Off After 2030

The energy transition is forcing companies to come up with new products and systems to reduce carbon emissions. Within the

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Effects of Inflation Reduction Act on Renewable Fuels Industry

There has been no shortage of praise from the renewable fuels industry to President Joe Biden signing into law last summer a

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