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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.


Asia Remains Key to U.S. Polyethylene Industry’s Export Strategy

US polyethylene producers have a domestic demand problem, with year-to-date sales to North American customers off nearly 9%,

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REDD+ Project Hedges Against Drought and Weakening Carbon Markets

Despite criticisms of REDD+ projects and a decline in related carbon credit prices this year, offsets issued by the Kasigau

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Retail Market, Futures Market, Gas & Diesel

Year-on-Year Fuel Disinflation Likely to Reach Epic Proportions

Thanks to irrational exuberance on the part of oil speculators in the spring of 2022, comparisons for key fuels in the U.S.

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Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

My OPIS Is Wrong: The Case of the Missing Rack Price Hours

OPIS customer service super sleuth Regina Flake barely had time to put down her coffee when the call came in early Saturday

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Prospective Atlantic Offshore Wind Could Flood REC Markets and Drive Down Prices

The offshore wind power that has been solicited by U.S. East Coast states, if and when it is constructed, has the potential

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Washington Cap-and-Invest: After Splashy Debut, What’s Next? 

Washington’s highly anticipated Cap-and-Invest Program is well underway and building momentum as the state’s carbon emitters

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