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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

    Spot Market, Petrochemical

    U.S. Ethylene Prices in Q1 2019: Less-Than-Happy New Year

    As yet, the year 2019 has not provided much in the way of a Happy New Year for ethylene sellers. There are more than a

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    Natural Gas, Spot Market

    Natural Gas Prices in 2019: A Regional Outlook

    U.S. natural gas prices could very well be looking at a volatile year in 2019.

    While U.S. dry gas production is soaring,

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    Spot Market, Petrochemical

    Petrochemicals 101: The In's & Out's of the 'Enes

    The building blocks of the petrochemical world often take a back seat to the stars of the energy and manufacturing world.

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    Spot Market, IMO 2020

    IMO Compliance Scramble: IHS Markit Study Findings

    The oil market is less than a year away from a fuel specification change for which neither the refining nor shipping

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    Diesel, Gasoline, Jet fuel, Spot Market

    Jet Fuel Prices in 2019 to React to Crude, IMO, Strong Demand

    For the past two years, consumption of jet fuel by U.S. airlines has been strong, meaning that the annual pace of the

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    Diesel, Gasoline, Spot Market

    2019 Gasoline and Diesel Prices by Market

    Oil price futures are poised for a volatile 2019, if the end of 2018 is any indication.  What will that mean for gas and

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