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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

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European Energy Crunch Support Carbon Prices Despite Economic Woes

A black sea of troubles is menacing Europe's economies, as the continent stares down the barrel of a harsh winter recession

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Renewables, Spot Market, Biofuels, RINs

A Wrinkle in Time? How Record RVO Numbers May Drastically Alter 1Q Refinery Bottom Lines

Be on the lookout for some befuddled refining analysts and disappointed investors as public refiners disclose their first

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Spot Market, Biofuels, Gas & Diesel

U.S. Regulatory Changes Alter Landscape for Summer Gasolines

On Jan. 1, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fuels Regulatory Streamlining Rule went into effect, and while

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Convenience Stores, Gas & Diesel

Top Retail Fuel Station Brands Revealed

A new report on the top retail gasoline and diesel chains in the country showed surprising results. Here are some highlights.

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IMO 2020, Shipping

Expert Sees Winding Path to Standard VLSFO Spec

After years of debate and a period when “IMO 2020” fuel-spec mandates dominated headlines, very low sulfur fuel oil has

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Gas & Diesel

Fuel Prices and COVID-19: OPIS Blog Toolkit

Fuel prices in 2020 have been rocked by COVID-19 and an oil price war.

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