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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

Renewables, Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

Get the Cold, Hard Facts on Fuel Temperature Correction

It's that time again! The mercury in the thermometer dropping... 

And fuel suppliers can get hot under the collar when

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Spot Market, Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

How to Buy Wholesale Gasoline and Diesel Using Spot Market Prices

If you buy gasoline and diesel from a wholesale rack, keeping an eye on spot market prices may be your key to saving money

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Rack Market, Retail Market, Mexico

Understanding Retail Gasoline Markets in Mexico

The retail gasoline market in Mexico has been undergoing a transformation since the passage of energy reforms in 2013 that

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Rack Market, Carbon

Cap and Trade Costs at the Rack: The Basics for Fuel Buyers

“Cap and trade” is a regulation designed to reduce greenhouse gases by setting a firm limit – or cap – on emissions.

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Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

Wholesale Gas & Diesel Terminal Owner Changes

The end of 2018 and the start of 2019 saw new owners for U.S. wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel terminals, with oil

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Spot Market, Rack Market, Retail Market, Gas & Diesel

Behind the California Retail Gas Price Spike: The Price Influence Chain in Action

Average retail gas prices in California have skyrocketed this spring, underscoring how the spot fuel market closely impacts

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