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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

    Crude oil, Gas & Diesel

    2018 Oil Price Recap: Looking Back at an Oddball Year

    2018 was one of the odder years in recent oil price memory for several key reasons.

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    Crude oil, Gas & Diesel

    Video: Black Friday Sets Lows for Crude, Gas & Diesel Prices

    Popular electronics weren't the only things sporting discounts on Black Friday. Crude oil, gasoline and diesel prices

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    Crude oil, Retail Market, Gas & Diesel

    Video: Why Are Retail Gas Prices Lower and How Long Will It Last?

    OPIS noted prices at retail gas stations this autumn below $2/gal. It wasn't a common price tag, but overall there was a

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    Crude oil, Futures Market

    Oil Price Factors Explained

    Oil prices are a critical component of the world's economies, with influences that span from employment trends to 

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    Crude oil, Futures Market, Gas & Diesel

    Video: Early Fall Fuel Price Analysis

    OPIS' Chief Oil Analyst Denton Cinquegrana updates you on the trends he's watching at the start of fall 2018.

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    Crude oil, Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

    Crude Oil Price Trend Analysis for 2019

    The year 2019 may set the stage for a transformative decade, with crude oil prices looking capricious and unstable. Here

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