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A closer look at key topics in the downstream oil and energy industry.

Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

8 Essential Tips for Writing Better Fuel Bids

Fuel is a must-have for end users like municipalities and school districts. However, procurement is not straightforward.

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Spot Market, Gas & Diesel

One Year Later: Ukraine War Spurs Europe Oil Price Volatility, New Trade Routes

One year after Russia invaded Ukraine, energy commodity flows across the globe have shifted and prices have experienced

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Europe Continues to be the Main Destination for U.S. LNG Supply Exports

Europe likely averted a severe energy crisis this winter with relatively warm weather and filling its storage facilities to

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Petrochemical, PVC

US PVC Producers Seek to Hold onto Gains Amid Construction Slowdown

The US PVC market saw an unusually volatile year in 2021, to say the least, and saw another one in 2022.

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FOB U.S. Gulf Coast Propane Resale Market Could be Curbed if Freight Rates Stay High

The FOB U.S. Gulf Coast propane resale market, which is essentially the spot market for U.S. Gulf Coast propane exports, was

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Renewables, Rack Market, Gas & Diesel

Get the Cold, Hard Facts on Fuel Temperature Correction

It's that time again! The mercury in the thermometer dropping... 

And fuel suppliers can get hot under the collar when

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