A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

Gasoline, Retail Market, Electric Vehicles

Post-Petroleum World Hinges on China Electric Car Market

The Netherlands is the latest country to set a date for the demise of the internal combustion engine, joining France, the

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Diesel, Gasoline, Crude oil, Retail Market

Year End Oil Market Trends to Watch

Don’t expect the last 70 days in the 2017 petroleum markets to match the drama witnessed summer into fall.

Storm threats

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Gasoline, Retail Market

Why Top Tier Gasoline is More Than Just Hype

Top Tier gasoline, containing detergent additives aimed at reducing gunk in your engine, has often been dismissed as hype

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Retail Market

Pricing 101 Part 4: Demystifying Retail Fuel Prices and Players

The retail portion of the fuel chain is the most visible to the general public and likely the most complex to navigate.

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