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    OPIS Blog

    A closer look at key topics in the spot, rack and retail markets of the downstream petroleum industry.

    Convenience Stores, Retail Market

    Retail Fuel Industry Gift Guide: Top Products from 2018 Trade Shows

    What do diesel conditioning systems, cold brew coffee and EV chargers have in common? They were all among the hottest

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    Gasoline, Crude oil, Retail Market

    Video: Why Are Retail Gas Prices Lower and How Long Will It Last?

    OPIS noted prices at retail gas stations this autumn below $2/gal. It wasn't a common price tag, but overall there was a

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    Gasoline, Rack Market, Retail Market

    Gasoline Retailers Find the Big Inning with Price Margins

    Baseball teams like the New York Yankees are often criticized because they depend on the “Big Inning” to juice up the win

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    Gasoline, Retail Market

    Retail Gasoline Market Snapshot Q3 2018

    The third quarter of 2018 showed improvement in retail gasoline price margin performance compared to a year ago. Here are

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    Gasoline, Crude oil, Retail Market

    Video: Wrapping Up Summer Oil and Gasoline Prices

    Summer 2018 started out with the promise of oil volatility and a rocky ride at retail gas pumps. But, did it deliver?

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    Spot Market, Rack Market, Retail Market

    Video: Analysis of July's Oil Price Drop

    July 2018 has so far witnessed a steep drop in oil prices. 

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