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The Only Chart You Will Ever Need to Convert Global LPG

Posted by Jessica Nesterak on Sep 18, 2017 11:34:58 AM
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Anyone working in the LPG market knows the need (and hassle) to convert global LPG prices.

LPGs – a.k.a. ethane, propane, pentanes+, normal butane and isobutane  – are shipped all over the world, every day, from export hubs as diverse as Mont Belvieu, Texas, the Arab Gulf and Northwest Europe.

These products are the building blocks that power the global petrochemical industry, enhance gasoline octane, keep oil sands moving and much more.

But the moment a gallon of propane leaves the shores of Mont Belvieu, it's not a gallon anymore. Your propane magically converts to metric tons (or tonnes). So, how to keep track – and keep score?

This chart lays it all out for you!


The Only Chart You Will Ever Need to Convert Global LPG

Here's an example:

If Mont Belvieu propane costs 64cts/gal, you would multiply by 5.21 to convert the price to dollars per metric ton (also known as a tonne). Your price is now just over $333/mt.

You can repeat this equation using all the conversions factors included in this chart. We suggest you print it out and put it on your desk!

Feel free to share this essential chart with anyone who might need it. And, that's basically everyone who trades LPG anywhere! 

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